Skin care Slugging With CeraVe, dry Shampoo Recall, cat DNA Tests and a new Calendar!

You know those dollar bins that greet you best as you walk into Target? best by the carts and hand sanitizer? It’s the place to be if you want to get sucked into purchasing ALL THE things you never knew you needed. case in pint, this “Shitt’s Creek” 2022 calendar!

I’m old school in that I like to write my project due dates onto a physical calendar; things sink in much more when I put a pen to paper for some reason.


Anyway, it’s a shout-out to one of my favorite feel-good shows (I’ve viewed the entire series twice), and possibly the best thing I purchased at Target all year!

Each page has a scene from the show and a funny quote. This one’s my favorite…

I love this look on Alexis, btw
How numerous episodes do you remember?
Last night, I unintentionally fell into a rabbit hole that involves — wait for it! — cat DNA testing. You read that correctly.


Sweat-shirt de chats et de maquillage ??

42 $

Achetez maintenant

Did you know that such a thing existed? Je n’en avais aucune idée.

Anyway, you swab your cat’s mouth (can you imagine?) and then send the saliva to a lab. They’ll then run several DNA tests so you can discover genetic info about your kitty friend’s lineage and whatnot.

The reason why I ended up even contemplating this is because of the Lynx suggestions on Rosie’s ears. I’ve always wondered where they came from.

Note the ear tips, please
I have a sneaking suspicion that Rosie would claw my eyes out if I tried to swab the inside of her cheek for the purposes of deoxyribonucleic acid testing, so I probably won’t do it, but FYI, the technology exists, and it’s out there!

OK, so I can sneak in some charm things into our chat today, FYI, if you’re a dry shampoo enthusiast, you might want to see if your go-to is on this list as the FDA recently recalled several drugstore dry shampoos. Please check your stash ASAP!

An old fave: Oribe Gold Lust dry Shampoo
I haven’t used dry shampoo in years because I now wash my hair every day; I can no longer deal with feeling a thick layer of sweat after I work out on my scalp. Are you an every day hair washer, too?

Another beauty-related item: raise your paw if your face has skin been extremely dry! I’ve resorted to slathering CeraVe healing ointment all over my lips and around the bottom half of my face at night before I go to bed.

Bed time buddy
I can’t remember where I read or saw this, but when you sleep your skin loses a lot of water, and applying a thick, protective product like CeraVe Healing ointment helps. I’ve been doing this for the past two weeks for the past few nights, and my skin, especially at the corners of my mouth, seems to be less crabby.

The process, by the way, is called slugging, and you can do it with any thick, occlusive product like Vaseline.


How’s it going on your end of the keyboard? two much more sleeps until, Christmas, woo hoo!

Votre chariot de quartier amical,



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