Back to MAC: double trouble edition

A few weeks ago I asked for your ideas for Back to MAC and I finally went this past weekend. I did not go alone though, I enlisted the help of cat of, who I’ve officially named my personal Lip specialist (aka PLC). because I had 12 empties, I originally thought about redeeming for 1 lipstick and 1 eye shadow. However, though events that will be explained later in the post, I redeemed for 2 lipsticks instead:

The big reveal…

I got Ravishing and Brave!

Ravishing is described as a clean light peachy coral, and Brave is pink-beige with white pearl.

Cat aka PLC, along with the sparklicious Devan at the MAC store, helped me narrow down to these 2 shades rather quickly. I think because of the hot weather outside, we were all feeling the brighter, much more sunny shades – I tried on Fanfare first but it was identified that it was “just average” by my PLC. When I applied Ravishing though, my PLC exclaimed, “that’s the one! It’s special!” and brave was also an easy decision – it really brightened my face and looked quite natural against my skin tone. interesting to note that I did not pick up any of the Amplified Creme finish as I originally planned to – Ravishing is a Cremesheen and brave is Satin finish, and both feels terrific on the lips.

Because I was concerned about possibly duplicating some of the MLBB shades I already owned, I took along some lipsticks from my collection to MAC. I took with me: Guerlain Rouge G in Garance, Elizabath Arden exception Lipstick in Breathless, and urban Decay revolution Lipstick in Rush.

The Guerlain tube is resting on a metal widget thing I found. That lipstick tube is a challenge!
Yes I brought a baggie of lipsticks at MAC so I can swatch them side by side!  It shown indispensable because it was clear that brave was not a dupe for any of them:

Brave is brighter and pinker than these – it’s also a much more opaque formula. and I can’t think off the top of my head a dupe in my collection for Ravishing, but I will have a look and do a comparison post in the future.

Also, I purchased a face cream while I was there. I can never just Back to MAC and not purchase anything, you know? So I got the MAC studio moisture Cream. My PLC talked me down from getting other things so she was a good person to have around! thank you Cat, my PLC!

So, why I redeemed for 2 lipsticks rather than 1 lipstick and 1 eye shadow was that I was semi-naughty and had gone to MAC a couple days prior to my check out with Cat. I was in need of concealer for my legs because I had recently suffered from a bout of hives that left my legs with discolouration. It’s been so hot out, and I wanted to wear a skirt… and I’m vain, ok! My coworker pal and I went to MAC over lunch and I got the Studio Finish concealer in NC25 along with a 2-pan palette to house it – I learned that some concealer shades are only provided in refill pans now?  Not sure what I’m going to put in that empty slot.

While we were there, we played around with some eye shadows and my pal ended up getting me these as a late birthday present! (She picked up some stuff for herself too)

L to R: Soft Brown, Fig 1. and Typographic (you may recall that Soft brown was on my list of options for Back to MAC!) The extra dimension Eye shadow is Smokey Mauve which I had talked about wanting in my post on the extra dimension Eye Shadows. now thanks for my friend, I have it!

So those are my Back to MAC lipsticks (and other stuff) – what do you think of my lipstick choices? Side note / question: when you shop for lipsticks, do you just swatch them on your arm or do you try them on your lips? PLC says she only swatches them but I like to try them on my lips so I can see how they really look and feel on my face! Et toi?

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