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pleased Caturday from the Unofficial Queen of Shade, the Dowager Countess.
Who’s down for a Downton Abbey marathon this weekend? Es-tu? PLEASE state YES. I’ve been re-watching the series all week long (currently on season 4) in preparation for seeing the movie, as well as seriously, I’ve viewed SO much over the past few days that I may begin talking with a hoity-toity aristocratic English accent.

All of this recent Downton-ing has reaffirmed my belief that the Dowager Countess is the Unofficial Queen of Shade. Her lines are the best!



If likewise you occur to be a fan of cousin Violet, FYI, you as well as I requirement this sticker as well as t-shirt in our lives ASAP.

You as well as me both, cousin Violet.
I believe I likewise requirement this unofficial Downton Abbey cookbook, too, just so I can cook my method with all the scones recipes in chapter 8.


On that note, I believe I requirement to swing by the bakery for a scone… While I do that, here’s your reading for the week:


Sweat-shirt de chats et de maquillage ??

42 $

Achetez maintenant

I’ve officially seen it all, since rage yoga — where pigeon present includes profanity, as well as warrior one ? includes a war cry — is now a thing.

A short guide to Oriental restaurants, according to my doppelganger, Ali Wong.

7 male actors, musicians as well as designs accept some seriously legendary makeup looks.

According to funeral director Evie Vargas, applying makeup on the deceased is truly not that much different than doing it on the living.

Just in situation you have $400k sitting around as well as you want a makeover from Kim K’s MUA…

Moani Lee, makeup artist to country music mega stars Kacey Musgraves as well as Miranda Lambert (among others), talks about the skincare as well as makeup she depends on perfect skin.

Katie Jane Hughes shows you exactly how to do winged liner on hooded eyes.

Photographer Stefan Draschan camps out for days in museums to catch people using clothes that match the paintings, as well as the results are all type of fabulous. (The Monet picture is my favorite.)

Did anybody else routine their college classes so they might be house in time to view Days of Our Lives? This writer’s college experience in the ’90s rings so true. (Although I have to disagree about babydoll dresses. I liked ’em then, as well as still like them now.)

Alexx Mayo gets to touch Lizzo’s deal with (he’s her makeup artist)!

How a Chanel perfume is made…

Did you understand that there’s a niche world of perfumes made by vehicle companies?

Birkenstock (yes, the shoe company) is introducing a skin care line.

The story behind the music of Downton Abbey.

Found my next vacation!

Welcome to Downton Abbey.

Feelin’ this.

Speaking of the ’90s…

Votre conviction amicale de charme communautaire,


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