Happy Thanksgiving

delighted Thanksgiving, wonderful friend. let me be the cheeseball/ball of cheese that I am for a second, OK? I’m right here to remind you 1) that you are loved, 2) you are capable, as well as 3) you’re precisely where you’re meant to be in life, even if you don’t feel like you’re rather “there” (wherever that “there” is) yet in your journey. I’m thankful everyday that we’ve somehow, with the magic of the interwebz, gotten to understand each other.

Like a great deal of women, I crave connection. requirement it. prosper on it. feeling like I’m part of a tribe makes life feel a bit less…well, tedious. like I don’t have to go everything alone.


I’ve been believing a great deal about this line I heard just recently in a horror show I enjoyed on Netflix called The Haunting of hill home (of all things!), where one of the characters talks about preparing kids for the dangers of “the genuine world,” as well as what she states stuck with me. “It [the genuine world] has teeth. It is hungry, as well as it is stupid, as well as it eats as well as eats mindlessly.”

Sometimes, I feel like I’m being chewed up as well as consumed by all of the adulting I have to do all the time — bills, work, the drudgery of daily things like vacuuming the couch as well as cleaning the bathroom. exactly how do you get with everything without feeling like you’re stuck on a hamster wheel? exactly how do you feel less lonely?

Answer: You discover good friends where you can, as well as you hold onto them. Serré. as well as that’s what I cherish a lot of as well as am thankful for the most right here at MBB — all of the friendships I’ve made along the method (since 2007!). Without you gals, I’d be outta my frickin’ mind by now. Vraiment. Granted, that may noise a bit remarkable (what, me dramatic? NO WAY!), however if life had taken a different turn as well as I were doing something else instead, like mentor underwater basket weaving to tourists on a remote island, I understand that I’d most likely be fine…but there would a lot of absolutely be a hole in my heart. An emptiness. There would be something missing.


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I am so, so thankful that we discovered each other in this bit corner of the world. I’m grateful to you for your thoughtfulness, your compassion, your wit as well as your joie de vivre, as well as I’m delighted to state that I’m one of the lucky women who has a tribe of girlfriends to turn to.

Thank you for being a friend, as well as yes, I just quoted The golden Girls! ? say thanks to you for having my back, since I’ll always have yours.


I hope you have a terrific Thanksgiving. eat an additional assisting of mashed potatoes for me, will ya?

With great deals of love, your friendly community appeal addict,


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