Saturday Surfing, September 29th, 2018

Hello, friend. MATINEE splendide! only two more sleeps till October. That’s just crazy to me.

So I was outside watering the plants on my deck this morning, a.k.a. the woman Sanctuary, as well as I’m trying to figure out what the heck I’m gonna do keeping that area later this autumn as well as winter… The plants are still hanging on, however they won’t be much longer.


Every summertime I plant a rich bit cat-safe garden back there (it’s on the deck off my bedroom, which is above the deck that has the Tabby Command Center), as well as every year I just let the plants slowly wither with the winter, mainly since I don’t hang out much on the deck when it’s cold, not that it truly gets THAT chilly in the Bay Area, however still… chilly sufficient to not want to be out there.

But it’s type of depressing when I open my bedroom curtains around Christmas as well as see a lot of sad, dead foliage, so perhaps if I jooj-ed it up with some autumn as well as winter plants, I’d be inspired sufficient to prends soin d’eux? I dunno… I don’t understand anything about gardening in winter. perhaps I should begin with a winter test garden with just three or four plants? Qu’est-ce que tu penses? I understand there are a lot of gals right here on MBB who are kindred spirits with ‘ze plants. Please halp.

Hmm… While I contemplate botany as well as breakfast, right here are some articles to get you going on this lovely Caturday.


Sweat-shirt de chats et de maquillage ??

42 $

Achetez maintenant

Makeup is a full-body, 360-degree thing when makeup artists prepare celebs for the stage or red carpet. Not only do artists have to think about their clients’ faces, however likewise their arms, necks as well as feet!

Most American guy don’t wear makeup, however that may be changing, as more as well as more guy look at makeup as well as beauty as part of “self care.”

Dust off your old pink velour tracksuit (the one you used everywhere in 1999), since Juicy Couture’s coming out with a new makeup line.

NYX just introduced a library of beauty how-to videos called Masterclass, where you can discover from market artists like Patrick Ta (he does makeup for Gigi Hadid; I’ve been complying with his career since forever!), in addition to prominent YouTube influencers.

Why is dating app Bumble releasing a skin care line? perhaps their reasons are similar to 7-Eleven’s. many big business that previously didn’t have any type of ties to the fashion or cosmetics worlds are coming out with their own beauty products or working together with beauty brands.

I’m totally not a nail art person (I’m so poor at it, unless it’s basic), however I believe I have the skills to handle this Sharpie manicure.

Photography stalwart Canon’s latest printer does a lot of great things, however most importantly, IT prints OUT nail ART.

A Swedish grocery chain just released a fragrance that smells like rotten milk… Eau du no thanks!

Do you like surprises? If you do, you may like the new secret kits Sephora is releasing for the holidays.

—–> preferred story of the week

If you merged foundation with tinted moisturizer, you’d get this.

Sephora as well as Ulta’s fight for the $48.3 billion makeup industry…

The history behind Sephora as well as Ulta in the us as well as their continuous battle for customers


Nope, I’m not crying.

Magnifique. On repeat at the moment.


On se voit plus tard!

Votre addict sympa de beauté communautaire,


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