Maquillage ainsi que Beauty Blog lundi sondage, vol. 432

I state yum to dim sum!
Vous vous demandez peut-être, “alors quoi dans la ternation est ce lundi sondage de toute façon !?”

Eh bien, ce n’est pas précisément un sondage. C’est plus utile en constante évolution (dévolvante?), La liste des préoccupations quelque peu aléatoire que j’ai mis aux visiteurs tous les lundi matin pour les neuf dernières années (!). (C’est comme un kickstart pour votre cerveau.) J’ai toujours aimé lire vos réponses dans les commentaires, ainsi que j’espère que vous aimez lire la mine.

Qu’est-ce que tu as mangé à midi hier?
Dim sum! I haven’t had it in a long time, however my good friend Cindy suggested it, so we went to this location in the city yesterday for lunch.

If you haven’t had dim sum before, it’s type of like tapas, however Chinese style, as well as they bring them to your table on bit carts. There are great deals of savory dishes, like different type of dumplings — bit bite-sized things like potstickers with different wrappings as well as meats as well as vegetables as well as spices inside — as well as likewise some wonderful treats, too, like fried, sugary dough balls. Miam.

Do you comprehend this whole Pokémon GO phenomenon?
So, Pokémon is yellow, right? That yellow, cheeky-looking animated… What is he? Or she? Is she a cat? Or a squirrel? Je n’ai aucune idée…

Which method do you part your hair?
On the right to ensure that my side-swept bangs swoop to the left, however I believe I may be doing it wrong, since I’ve been falling asleep lately with wet hair, as well as when I wake up, my hair is kind of parting itself the opposite way.

Have you ever went to Comic-Con?
No, however I’ve wished to for years. I really got tickets to San Diego Comic-Con in 2008, I believe it was, however something came up. I don’t even keep in mind what it was now, however I ended up not being able to go.

Un de ces jours…

Pigtails on adults: a do or a don’t?
Ooh! I believe they’re truly cute, however they have to be low pigtails… When they’re as well high, I believe they look as well infant flavor (for me).

When there’s something strange in the neighborhood, who you gonna call?
Um…the Ghostbusters? Really, though, if there was a ghost in my house, I’d phone call a realtor (and a priest).


Yeah, I saw Exorcist. I understand where this is headed. I’m NOT messing around.

À ton tour. Il suffit de copier aussi bien que Collez le respect des préoccupations dans un commentaire avec vos réponses. Je regarde en avant pour les lire!

1. What did you have for lunch yesterday?
2. Do you comprehend this whole Pokémon GO phenomenon?
3. Which method do you part your hair?
4. have you ever went to Comic-Con?
5. Pigtails on adults: a do or a don’t?
6. When there’s something strange in the neighborhood, who you gonna call?

Good morning as well as happy Monday! I’m a sleepy woman today, friend… I didn’t get any type of sleep last night. I just couldn’t turn off my brain. Cela vous apparaît-il jamais?


What do you have going on this week?

Votre addict amical de beauté communautaire,



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