Le jour de la beauté, vol. 13: Jetoy Choo-Choo Notes, Metaphorical Gardening, dry brushing as well as Zombies (Because It always Comes Back to Zombies)

In today’s not-so-pressing problem of the day — when dealt with with two choices:

a) composing notes to myself on basic, tiring yellow Post-its, or…


b) composing notes to myself on a sticky note with a photo of a pensive feline in a pink polka-dot head scarf.

Obviously, the only ideal option to make right here is the second one, since why bother to compose things like “RE: Nausea. keep in mind to put trash bag in the cars and truck in situation requirement to vomit on the method to hospital,” or “Find 24-hour diner in SF that delivers banana pancakes” if it isn’t going to look adorable when you stick the note on your computer screen?

To quote ‘80s English dynamic duo Wham!, “If you’re going to do it, do it right.”


Sweat-shirt de chats et de maquillage ??

42 $

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And doing it right, sticky note-style, indicates that I’m gonna compose reminders on these charming memo pads from Jetoy USA ($5 each).

Gardening, metaphorically speaking

About the quote on this specific note…

I don’t truly have a literal garden at the moment, since my deck garden is looking quite tow-up these days, as well as nothing’s growing available other than a seemingly invincible parsley plant from last spring that absolutely refuses to die. The note is a lot more a food-for-thought thing.

Like, if I’m feeling blue, I re-read it as well as try to keep in mind that in the metaphorical garden that is my life, there’s a great deal of excellent stuff to look at. It’s appealing often to get caught up on all the weeds, however it’s the fruit, vegetables, trees as well as flowers in the garden that bring me joy.

Admittedly…that was weird, I know, however it works for me, particularly when I’m in a crabby mood, or when I’m feeling aggro as well as want to pick a fight with El Hub (according to the interwebz, mood swings are quite typical in the third trimester).

This note has been front as well as center on my computer screen for the past two weeks, as well as it really helps.

Dry brushing — otherwise understood as sweet, wonderful punishment

This medieval contraption has absolutely nothing to make with gardening…although it type of appears like a gardening (or punishment) implement, doesn’t it? When El Hub saw me walking around with it, he recoiled, then asked if I was going to beat him with it.

Um, no, babes. Pas aujourd’hui. As long as you keep your expecting other half happy.

It’s the earth Therapeutics Purest palm Body clean ($9.99), as well as I utilized it last night to dry clean for the extremely very first time.

After last week’s enlightening discussion in the comments on the merits of dry brushing, I made a decision to provide it a choose myself.

First, I enjoyed a couple of videos…

Then I went to town! — as well as it was, um, exactly how shall I put this?

Quite the experience.

I mean, I like a great scrubbing as much as the next person, however on some parts of my skin, like my stomach as well as my forearms, it felt like I was getting straight-up punished.

I dunno… perhaps it’s since I’m just not utilized to it yet? I’ve checked out that it can take time to get accustomed to the sensation. Or, perhaps it’s since I’m pregnant, as well as my skin’s a lot more sensitive than usual? I don’t know, however on some areas, the very best I might handle was extremely light brushing as well as very little exfoliation.

La tête haute! For The walking Dead fans, if you haven’t seen last Sunday’s episode (and you want to, spoiler free), don’t scroll down any type of additionally in this post. OK…that is all.

There were, however, parts of my body, like my elbows as well as heels, where I was able to utilize it successfully as well as totally go to town, as well as those were OH, SO SATISFYING!

It still felt like punishment, but, like…good punishment.

Um…could that have sounded any type of a lot more 50 Shades? MDR!

Anywho, I got a especially odd excitement from dry brushing my left elbow, as well as I swear, that clean eliminated half an inch of dead skin that had been just sitting there, flapping in the wind.

So gross, however so true.

I’m really looking ahead to doing it once again tonight. as well as tomorrow night, if I’m not in the healthcare facility yet (hurry up, BG!).

Query for you: is it possible to get addicted to dry brushing? I believe it may be.

Zombie check-in

OK, so, last Sunday’s episode of The walking Dead?

Can I just state that it was one of my preferred episodes of all time? as well as not just since of #Richonne (although that was AWESOMESAUCE as well as something I’ve wished to see for a while). a lot more since it was great to see the characters lastly get a break to do some mundane, daily things, like enjoying Daryl flinch when Rick put in the cd pendant qu’ils conduisaient. Souvent, c’est la petite chose quotidienne qui nous rappelle que nous sommes humains.


Et, vous savez, ce n’est qu’une question de temps avant que Sh * t frappe à nouveau le fan. Je veux dire, c’est la marche morte. Ce n’est pas Anne de Gables écologiques.

Votre addict amical d’appel communautaire,



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