Is Lancôme Bi Facil face makeup remover a lazy Girl’s dream Come True?

Lancôme Bi-Facil face makeup Remover
It’s micellar, micellar, everywhere! Yeah, here’s another micellar makeup remover, this one from Lancôme.

We just talked about micellar magic a few days ago in that post about the MAC gently Off Wipes + Micellar Water Wipes, which… Ah! So pink!


Lancôme Bi-Facil face makeup remover ($40) combines an oil-based makeup remover, like the one in the original Bi-Facil Eye makeup remover (which is EPIC!) — with micellar water. You shake the bottle to mix the oil and water, soak a cotton pad with said elixir, then wipe your makeup off your face.

The oil is meant to whisk away face makeup (even the most stubborn kind) while the micellar magic cleanses your skin. deux en un.

Sounds like a lazy girl’s dream come true, right?


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Yes, it successfully removes my foundation, blush, lipstick, etc., and my face does feel clean and fresh after I use it. I even smell like expensive roses.

Heck, I don’t even feel the need to rinse my face with water afterward, because it feels that clean.

Now for the but part, though…

Êtes-vous prêt pour cela?

But it doesn’t work on eye makeup! — which is absolutely blowing my mind ideal now. POURQUOI?! I mean, it’ll manage a light layer of non-waterproof mascara and a powder eyeshadow, but it can’t hang if I’m wearing cream shadow, waterproof mascara, liquid liner or eyeliner.

I didn’t expect that, but I guess I must have. After all, this version doesn’t have “eye makeup” in the name. Still, the original Bi-Facil Eye makeup remover — vow to the old gods and the new — removes everything. Shoot, I wouldn’t be shocked if it could remove that lower back tattoo from 1994.

Oh, well… One thing I really do like about this one, though, is that I don’t feel the need to wash my face afterward, which I do when I use the other version.


In the same price range, I like this Lancôme honey makeup remover, but I like this one too.

Your friendly neighborhood appeal addict,


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